Friday, October 16, 2009

Tapping the Admiralssss

so, i just wanted to begin this post by thanking everyone who came out to the show and to say that i really enjoyed meeting some of the people whose blogs i follow for the first time. it was a great night! and if you didnt get a chance to make it out then the show is up until nov 2nd at LE gallery.

i also wanted to take this opportunity to position the works in their intended narrative context. each triptych consists of a specimen from a natural history museum subjected to a different type of human preservation, a custom kafka 'in the penal colony' inspired torture machine and then a device which speaks to that place in between death and display. example, an ossuary for a six legged calf pointing to how these special and unique creatures begin and end at the end of the rainbow. too obvious? maybe.
im also going to be adding links to...mummies. thats right, all of the inspirational mummies that relate to each of the pieces just because i find them fascinating. thank you heather pringle and thank you kafka. and the 'our lady of hudson bay' mummy displayed at the museum of civilization.
i apologise for the inconsistency in photos, im working through the documentation process. i hope to have my website updated this weekend.


Nicholas Di Genova said...

Hey Amanda, the show looks great! I'm happy to see the work up here...

Sharing the studio together will be fun, you owe me so many coffees....

Marcus Gunnar Pettersson said...

love it!!

unpack said...
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unpack said...

hey amanda, awesome awesome work. tis maita. met you at kal's opening at le. :)

want to talk to you more!
maybe a date in january, when i get back from manila?

when you have time of course.
i can walk away from the slaughterhouse with you.


Nik Dudukovic said...

upnizzle this bizzle, gizzle.

(update this blog, girl)