Monday, December 15, 2008

three weeks in

i've been in brooklyn for three weeks and the place really hasn't changed my work except for the fact that i now draw terrifying skeletons...or rather one otherwise known as the six legged calf.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i will be posting new bigger work up here soon, but as for now i have a newish piece that can be seen in my profile for blogTO:
a number of local artists can be found here as part of this new and exciting feature.
i just found out that ill be spending the first three months of the new year in venice doing an internship at the peggy guggenheim museum. if you could not tell by the expression on my face in the photo, of what i think i will look like in venice, im really very excited. i hope that this means the beginning of colour in my work - but no promises.


i am really lucky to be a part of this auction for youthline along with eighty other exciting artists. should be a great show for a very worthy organization. more information and images of the works in the show can be found at